The Silence of Trees


Interviewer: Liliana, where did you get the cards used in Nadya’s reading?

Liliana: I received them from my mother. They were made for her by a gadjo man who loved her, but my mother would not violate the Code by marrying someone who was not a Rom [a Gypsy].

I: What spread did you use to foretell Nadya’s fortune?

L: The spread had two parts, the first part is made by two crossed cards surrounded by four cards. This makes a large trushul, or cross. The other part of the spread is four cards in a line. Each card and its placement have a specific meaning. There is also the overall meaning of the spread, like chapters of a book working together to tell the story.

I: What is the significance of the cross inside a cross?

L: The central cross is the core, which is central to Nadya. The larger cross reveals the forces acting upon Nadya.

I: What about the line?

L: Those four cards give information about Nadya’s life outside the present moment. They reveal life lessons and future direction. But this is not a formula, it’s more than that. When I read, I see a story growing, with roots weaving down and branches stretching up. That is why in my family we have always called this spread the Wheel and the Tree. One helps you to get where you need to go. The other tells you who you are and what you need to know.

I: So the cards in Nadya’s spread were : The Lovers, Queen of Swords, Star, Emperor, Page of Cups, Devil, Seven of Cups, Tower, Sun, Ten of Coins.

L: Yes. You can see a visual image of the spread

I: What did you see when you looked at those cards?

L: Each card tells me a story. If you click on the card, you can read the imagery that appeared to me.

I: Did you see Nadya’s future, and did your reading come true?

L: You’ll have to read The Silence of Trees to find out.

I: Can you tell us what happened to you and your family after Nadya had her reading? Nadya believed that she saw you several times in her lifetime. How did you escape the Germans?

L: I did see Nadya many times, but that is a story for another day. I have heard it told that we ride on the wind, and so it is true. When we pass through, there is nothing left but songs and stories. All else fades and crumbles. What better than a good story to keep us alive?